Andrew’s first post!

Hey everyone! Great to see you! I love having visitors on my website. It makes me feel great to know you all find my products attractive.

This is a full disclosure on whats going on here.

I’m Andrew Dueck from just north of Beausejour MB. We live right in the little town of Ladywood, my dad in law likes to call it Ladybug, which I think is neat as well. I’m married to a beautiful girl, Bethany(Bets), from Nebraska. We were married in Sept 2016. Now we have a 9-month-old little girl named Clara.

I’ve always enjoyed working with metal and this is how I decided to proceed into the metalworking field, with art and signs!

I’ll admit it scares me to death some days. I sometimes feel like I stuck my neck out and its over the chopping block, with the smallest thread holding the guillotine up. But so far we are making it. I am a Christian so I feel like my success so far is by God’s grace and his interest in my daily life.

With that said I ask you to seriously consider getting me to make your family sign yard sign or cottage sign. I currently work with my Dad and brother on the family farm and in our custom fertilizer application business so my business so far is an evening and weekend business as we strive to get it onto its feet and push it to a profitable level where I can spend more of my time working out of my own yard. My fertilizer season starts here in about a week or two the 22 of April 2020 and runs to the end of May or early June as we strive to get all the fertilizer down before the farmers come along with their seeders and put in the crops that so nicely feed the world! Due to this I hope you will be patient if you place an order in this time as it will likely take 6 weeks to complete. We normally work 250 to 300 hours in this 6 week period so there is not a lot of time off to do stuff.

Take care and keep safe and healthy. Don’t be afraid to call email or text me.

Peace out


Andrew Brent Carson Dueck

Owner and operator Bear Country Metalworks.


  1. Stephanie

    Very pleased with custom made family name sign! The response to my inquiries were quick and all I had to do was send a picture of what we were thinking design wise and it turned out exactly as we wanted.

  2. Nicole Wollman

    Bear Country Metalworks did a great job on the custom sign I requested. I gave him a very small time frame and he totally delivered! Very happy with this company and strongly recommend.

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