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Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing great! The last few months have been quite a deal for the world as it comes to grip with a new normal. I don’t even like the word normal! It’s just so controversial, like what IS normal even. A quote I heard a while ago fits in good “Normal is nothing except a setting on the washing machine!”

Anyway here at Bear Country we have been well and happy! It was uncertain at the beginning of the summer if shows would be open or not and it seems all is well. The summer farmers market season is well underway and its been successful so far! Not a whole lot of new stuff for me to talk about but I do want to let you know about my new fire ring.

My new ring is made from CORTEN steel, it is heavy-duty architectural steel that forms a soft patina by itself over the course of a year or so. This ring is exciting to me because of the possibilities with it. It can be used for all manners of different cooking by adding different hardware to it. And the best deal is that it is backed by me for a whole 10 years! I will replace it at no cost to you if it rusts out in 10 years. It is made out of 3/16 steel and if you were to just get a ring of this steel before I cut out the design it would weigh in at a whopping 94 lbs. So even after I cut out the design it will still be over 70 lbs! We also have a lid for it to cover the fire once you are done for the night! Ask us today about the design you want! As of the righting, I have a Canada theme design and a Jets design. I can do what you want!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! We would love to make you a one of a kind metal sign!

Bye for now!