Christmas 2020

Hey World

Here we are actually in the last month of 2020! What an interesting, unimaginable year! It was interesting here as well.

At Bear Country Metalworks we have been strained quite a bit over the last few months as my plasma table was broken down and my other occupations (agriculture) kept me from spending the time needed to go and find the parts needed to get it going again.

To anyone that this affected I am sorry! I got a bunch of sign out tho none the less, through a third-party shop that cut for me, but my timelines were all over the board with the other shop forgetting orders I placed and Covid affecting pickups and dropoffs.

Finally tho, I am back up and running and we are clearing backlog at a good clip!

Feel free to give me a call or a text and we can get your order on the road.

Take care and have a blessed Christmas! (Like you’ve never had before)