Fire Pits

When we set out to do something, we have a few key points that we try to hit, durability, longevity, top quality workmanship, functionality and affordability! With our fire pits we feel we have hit those points. Why do we say this? Because of the variety of options that we offer we can tailor a sollution to your needs.

  • Fire pit
    The wondergrill!

Currently we offer 3 different designs. Following you will find the points that set us apart.

  • Heavy duty 3/16 steel for long life.
  • Extreme high temp paint
  • Features that you won’t find elsewhere
  • 5 year warranty

All our pits are made from super heavy duty 3/16″ material. If you want to know how thick that is just look at a typical USB plug on your phone charger or computer. It’s thick so that we don’t have to worry about it giving out on you and you don’t either need to. The current pit we offer, which is great for cooking over is a hexagonal design with all welded seams. It can be customized with a design, logo, or words on any number of sides. As you can see in the picture the base model, which includes customization on 3 sides, is $950. This price includes the following items.

  • 3/16″ hexagonal fully welded fire pit
  • Pivoting, adjustable height, cook surface support bracket
  • 21-22″ grate for meats.

We also do simple rings just 3/16″ Cor-ten material cut 94″ long with a custom design cut into it and rolled to make a 30″ circle, according to City of Winnipeg bylaws. Corten steel is a very special composition of metals, formulated especially for the outdoor construction of buildings. It turns into an appealing patina finish if left unpainted for 6-12 months, which is how my rings come to you. These rings also have small notches cut into the top side for the hotdog roasting sticks to rest in so that you can spin them for that perfect finish without the stick rolling off the edge of the fire ring. These fire rings also come with a 10-year warranty, if it rusts through in 10 years I will replace it for no cost. These sell for $504 after tax!