Product Info

How it works!

We start the process of getting you a custom sign with a conversation to determine what you are looking for. The more sure you are of what you want, the more it helps me out, and, if you have sketches or pictures of the design you want, send them over right away. Also take some time to look over my font options listed under the “Product Info” tab on my website, if you don’t like what you see there, find the name of any font you like on the internet and include that font in the info package. You can send me the info 3 ways, via text to the number listed on the contact page, via email, or through the contact form on the contact page. I do a rough draft of what you are looking for and if it looks ok to you I ask for a $50 downpayment, most customers E-transfer me the deposit. I will make a few changes to the design I originally send you free of charge, after the first 2 alterations, it is a small fee for each additional change. After I send you a copy of what I have designed and if you are satisfied I go cut it on my plasma table. Then due to the small size of my shop, the large upfront equipment purchase, and the technical aspect of finishing metal, I get the powder coating done by another entrepreneur!

What we can do!

With the power of the software available today, it can be rather difficult to say what we can all do. It could be more apt to say what we can not do. We have 3000+ designs in our one catalog alone, most of which can be modified, joined, or attached to each other to make the scene you are looking for. Custom wording is not a problem either, we have powerful software that can fit the text to a curve or other object. However, if you do not see what you like in the catalog, or you have seen an image someplace else of what you like you can just email or text the image to us and we can manipulate the photo into our design.


The starting point for most of my signs is $0.40/ square inch on the outside dimensions of the sign.

If you have a quality pdf. or other computer file of the design you are looking for we do not charge a design fee. However if we need to draw it up from scratch we will charge a $50 dollar fee.

This would make a sign with outside dimension of 36″ W and 24″T cost in the area of $365-400.

We can also add more layers to the sign! If you want a white background, to provide contrast, we can do that, or if you want multiple layers to make a multi-colored sign this is possible as well. These options come in at $100/ additional layer!

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