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At Bear Country Metalworks, conveniently located just minutes north of Beausejour Manitoba, we provide our customers with top-quality items, such as signs, house numbers, address plaques, wall hangings, fire pits, and decor, fabricated out of metal. We operate a CNC( computer numeric control) plasma table that can cut out many intricate designs and items. We service a large area in eastern Manitoba, from Winnipeg to Steinbach up to Bissett and into western Ontario. Check out our Product Info page for more information, or click on the button below the slide!

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My plasma table in the middle of a project.

At Bear Country Metalworks, we strive to make our customers the best sign they can get for their cottage, yard, or business. Whether indoor or out we have a solution for you! Read a little about us, what we do and the processes we use.
We, Andrew & Bethany Dueck, launched Bear Country Metalworks (BCM) in 2019. We are young and were looking to find another source of income to supplement my main job in my family business. We purchased a Torchmate CNC Plasma table and are now cutting parts and designs for our customers. We are excited about the future and looking forward to servicing your needs. Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we can get you set up with the design that fits your needs and wants. We have access to thousands of designs so we are sure that we can find you something that will fit the bill for you! If we can’t find something then rest assured we can certainly design something that will fit your application. No project is too big or too small. From custom grill inserts to dining room table centerpieces we have almost anything you might need or want!


CNC is the acronym for computer numeric control, it is a system that uses numbers to plot a position on an X and Y-axis. So when you look at the picture of the table at the top of this page the bottom left corner of the sheet of metal is X0 Y0. The long side of the sheet is the X-axis, the short side of the sheet is the Y-axis. So if the torch were to move to the right end of the sheet and to the far side of the sheet you would find yourself at the X120 Y60 position. So all that happens is the computer tells the torch to move from what we call the “Machine Zero” X0Y0, to the different points on the machine as I plot them in the design software. so if you were going to cut a 2-inch line along the X-axis,1 inch in from the bottom corner, your coordinates would be to cut from X0Y1 to X2 Y1. That is a brief overview of what CNC stands for.


Plasma is the fourth state of matter, we have solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Plasma is created once an element is heated up beyond the gas stage, at that point, it turns into plasma. It is an intensely hot jet of air(plasma) in this situation that cuts the metal. The jet of air(plasma) can be as hot as 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Electricity is what ionizes the air and turns it into a plasma which at that point blasts the metal away from in front of the tip of the plasma torch. I hope this gives those of you looking for a bit deeper understanding, a slight picture into the complex world of CNC PLASMA CUTTING! GIVE US A CALL TODAY

About Andrew

Here is a short Bio on myself. I started life living between Ste. Anne and Steinbach, that was before I remember, then when I was one year old my parents transplanted me and my older brother to Malawi (the warm heart of Africa) where they served as missionaries for 5 years. I passed the time doing what little children do, just living, having fun, getting scratched and bumped and cut, and really scared when we went to the game park that a crocodile, hippo, or elephant definitely wanted to punch my number that exact day. We came back to North America and moved up to Beausejour where my dad bought a mixed grain and cattle farm. My building, mechanical, and welding interests started from a young age with Lego (all the time) treehouses, and other fun things. Then in 2006 at 11 years old ( I now had 2 more siblings) we headed back to Africa for another 2 years. Sometime in those 2 years, I went to a tire shop and fell in love with the idea of becoming a mechanic. The day after we got back I was out in the shed early in the morning starting up all the tractors and the combine and making sure they worked. I finished school, did miscellaneous different jobs, carpentry, mechanic, and hauled logs. All this time I was the maintenance guy at the farm, so I kept building my knowledge and skill set. My dad, brother, and I bought out an existing business doing agricultural fertilizer application, and that has kept us busy for the most part for the last 9 years. In winter we do maintenance and have welded some livestock equipment. In 2015 I spent 6 months in Albuquerque volunteering in some hospitals and at a few non-profits. In 2016 I married my beautiful wife Bethany and moved her up here to Canada, from Nebraska! On July 20, 2019, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, I am enthralled with space travel, Clara Anne Vitalia was welcomed into our home, she makes daddy’s buttons pop! Then on September 12, 2021, we welcomed twins Sam and Sadie. Our house is not a quiet place most of the time! We love the outdoors even though we don’t spend enough time out there. As you can see my life has not been boring, I have traveled quite a bit and tried my hand at multiple different jobs so I have a well-rounded skill set. I will be the one you discuss your project with as well as do the designing, cutting, and prep work, I let the professionals do the powder coating currently.

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